The Javelin Trains are also known as Class 395 or A-trains, and are built by Hitachi Rail Systems. The first unit was built in the Hitachi Kasado Factory in Japan. The trains are capable of 186mph on the Ashford to London St Pancras route, but this is limited to 100mph on the London to Dover routes. Seating operates in a '2+2' configuration, with seats for 354 passengers overall. Hitachi Rail Systems also builds the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains. The Javelin Trains are owned by the leasing company HSBC Rail, and leased to Southeastern. There are dedicated pages here on Javelintrain.com covering Javelin service routes and train timetables.

The Javelin Trains provide a mix of safety, reliability, and comfortable seating - fully compliant with disability regulations and the latest CCTV and Passenger Information Systems. There are many advantages over standard trains, including improved structure to increase safety, and reduced noise in the interior.

Seat prices are reasonable given the high level of comfort and benefits of faster travel times for commuters. Some additional on board entertainment might be valuable for travellers - maybe something like built in 3D TV units could increase Customer satisfaction in future.

Many thousands of London visitors who were lucky enough to have Olympics and Paralympics games tickets for the 2012 games in London got the first hand chance to try the Javelin train out - it was used throughout the event to transport games spectators across London in a little under 7 minutes between St Pancras and the Olympic Park in Stratford.
Javelin Train Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications Of The Javelin Trains

As far as technical specifications go, the image below courtesy of Hitachi Rail gives some easy to read info.